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San Juan Miniature Horses


SJM Skeeters Spring Equinox


 Skeeter was born on 3/20/11. She is a grullo/dun, tobiano. AMHA/AMHR pending. We will get her tested to see if she is Homozygous Tobiano like her mother, Blossom. She was born 3/20/11 and was 19" tall at birth. She is confirmationally correct, has a good bite and straight legs. More pictures available upon request. Skeeter's sire is Blue Stars Hotrod Harley who was NWMHC 2008 Futurity Grand Champion Jr. Stallion. Hotrod's sire is a three times World Top Ten Champion (Be Bops Leader of the Pack) and his dam is a two times World Top Ten Producer (Blue Stars Color Me Tu Regalo). Hotrod is a smokey grullo. $1000.00.

We just clipped Skeeter to reveal that she is mostly grullo under the fuze.

 Not a good picture, it was taken with a phone. Just a couple hours old.


   Blue Stars Hotrod Harley, an AMHA/AMHR registered, 31.25" smokey grullo, tobiano stallion. Hotrod is the son of Bebops Leader of the Pack and a NWMHC Futurity Grand Champion Jr. stallion. Hotrod is owned by High Meadow Miniatures.


Hmm Painted Awesome Blossom, a 2005, AMHA, AMHR, Homozygous bay, dun tobiano.


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